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Hot Air Balloons Lampshade and Baby Changing Mat

Choosing the perfect baby changing mat for your nursery!

Baby changing mats are at the centre of your nursery, so choosing the perfect product and design is essential for turning your nursery into a visually stimulating place of beauty for you and your baby to enjoy!

At Three Little Cubs our aim is provide you with a beautifully designed changing mat that is not only comfortable and practical but stylish too. Our baby changing mats are all made with a waterproof, wipeable and non-toxic PVC cover which is filled with supportive nursery grade foam. Making them a safe and comfortable addition to your nursery for every day use, with fuss free cleaning!

Ethics and the environment are at the forefront of our minds when creating and choosing products, which is why we choose to work with another UK based business in manufacturing our stunning baby changing mats. 

Wedge Changing Mats 
(also known as anti-roll changing mats)

Features thick layered foam, with raised side edges to help centre your baby during their nappy change, helping give them a sense of security as well as being extremely comfortable for them to lie on.

Our wedge changing mats measure at 69 x 44cm, which will fit nicely on most standard changing tables.

Standard Changing Mats

Benefits from having a thick layer of soft foam in the centre and three slightly raised edges around the top and sides for your babies comfort.

This classic style of changing mat measure at 79 x 46cm, accommodating most standard changing tables, but also light and flat enough to transport around the house and pop under the sofa for easy reach.

Travel Changing Mats

The perfect travel essential for your changing bag (or even just around the house) for quick and comfortable nappy change. 

Our travel mat is made with the same comfortable foam as our other changing mats, meaning there is no need to lie your baby on the hard plastic shells that come in public baby changing rooms, when you are out and about. The interior foam been designed to be folded easily and neatly without the use of poppers or zips.

When laid out flat our travel mat measures 60 x 34cm.


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Hot Air Balloons Lampshade and Baby Changing Mat

Made For Mums 2023!

I am so excited to announce that our amazing Wedge Changing Mats have been shortlisted for a Made for Mums 2023 Award.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, winners announced at the end of March!

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